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Automotive Air Conditioner Services

automotive air conditioner servicesIf your vehicle’s air conditioner isn’t cooling like it used to, we can performance test your A/C to determine if a recharge is needed, or if your A/C needs a repair. We will check all of the A/C components, and run:

  • An AC charge test
  • A system control diagnostic
  • A leak test

to diagnose your air conditioning issue and get you back up and running as soon and as coolly as possible! We perform high quality and affordable automotive air conditioning services on all vehicle makes and models.

Air Conditioner Recharging Service

If your vehicle needs an A/C recharge, we will:

  • Recover, recycle, and recharge your refrigerant
  • Check the system pressure and temperature to make sure your air conditioner is working properly.

Vehicle Air Conditioning Repair

If your air conditioner needs repairing, trust Kaestner Auto Electric to get the job done right. We will determine the cause of the problem, whether it be:

  • A leak from a seal, hose, or o-ring
  • A compressor or motor issue, or a
  • Problem with any of the switches, controls, or components of your A/C system.

Don’t suffer the heat! We can repair any automotive air conditioning issue quickly, competently, and at a fair price. Call Kaestner today at (262) 547-9600 or contact us heret o schedule your appointment for A/C Service.

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